Top 10 crowdfunding projects in history

Crowdfunding has become a popular way for entrepreneurs and innovators to raise funds for their projects. Through online platforms, individuals can pitch their ideas and receive funding from a community of supporters. Crowdfunding has helped launch some of the most successful products and businesses in recent years, from innovative technology to creative art projects. The following projects are the top 10 Crowdfunding projects in history:

Extar Bike Light Pedals: Next-Level Safety and Style

Extar presents The Smart LED Light Pedals that allows a fearless ride in the dark while lighting up the night like a shooting star. Rider’s visibility will be improved by 57% with high-powered LED light pedals. Combined with bright yellow turn indicator lights that makes the night ride safer than ever. With IP65 dust & water resistance, weather fluctuations won’t matter and a 30-hour battery life gives you the power to spare for any ride.

Benro Theta : the Intelligent Modular Travel Tripod

Benro Polaris presents Theta, an Intelligent Modular Travel Tripod that combines portability, stability, efficiency and intelligence. Theta provides more stability to avoid shooting accidents that may result in the tripod toppling over and smashing an expensive camera or lens. In addition to various features to assist photographers capture the shot quickly and without difficulty. From automated levelling and rapid leg deployment to remote camera control, automatic exposure adjustment, and livestreaming.

VacuumSnap Introduces An Innovative Desktop Vacuum Former

VacuumSnap introduces an innovative desktop vacuum former provided with halogen heaters with powerful 2KW heating power that acts as an alternative to custom moulds; it will provide an unlimited range of shapes and sizes at a touch of a button, making it now effortless for small businesses, DIY creators to produce short runs of high-quality products right away.

Dearbuds Ear Dehumidifier for Pets

Dogs and cats are more susceptible to ear infections than humans because of the shape of the ear canal (L-shaped). So, prevention is essential as high humidity promotes the growth of harmful bacteria that can cause inflammation and infection. Also, the external ears of pets become quickly humid as the skin is naturally covered by fur. It’s much more difficult to ventilate and dehumidify the ears, and it takes a long time to return to their normal state.

IGADGETS - An innovative way to bring ideas to light

Crowdfunding is the connection of small sums of funds by a large number of people to support a new or existing business project. Each campaign has a financial target and a specified timeline; each day is counted down, and the money donated is totalled up for visitors to see its progress. The worldwide crowdfunding market is expanding, with North America and Asia being the major markets. In the previous year, more than 6 million crowdfunding projects were launched throughout the world, yet the average success rate of these campaigns across various crowdfunding platforms was just 22.4 %.